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About me

My name is Isolde Moussot and I host this site because I feel responsible for doing something to protect our climate. Because we are the generation that can still do something to limit global warming. Our children and grandchildren will rightly hold us responsible if we continue to talk and not act. It's time to finally take a step together, to limit global warming. We must all do our best to make it possible for our children and grandchildren to live on our earth with bearable living conditions in a peaceful environment.

I have a daughter and two grandchildren. I owe it to them and to all other children and grandchildren of the world, to contribute something to make the world worth living for them.

For the first time I heard about global warming from my physics teacher in my school days at the Wirtschaftsgymnasium in Eschwege. He already said at that time that only 1 degree warming of our climate will have very far-reaching consequences.

Since 2008 I am working on the development of this site. The software development and the hosting of this site I did at first part-time. My last full-time job was as a software developer and system administrator in a leading software house for seminar software. Since March 2019 I dedicate all my time to the further development of this website. I think that at the moment nothing can be more important than climate protection in order to secure bearable living conditions for our children, grandchildren and all other living beings and plants on earth.

On this page, users can publish contributions on climate protection in all languages of the world. Every user can publish translations of his contributions and of contributions of other users, so that the contributions can be read worldwide with overcoming all language barriers.

On the page Actions you will find ideas on what you can do yourself on a daily basis to protect the climate. The idea of this site is that if every person worldwide daily participate in small actions for our climate great progress can be made in climate protection. With the button "I joined in" every participant receives climate points, which are publicly displayed on his user account. In addition, the participant is entered in the public participant list of the action.

For me, the topic of peace belongs directly to the topic of climate protection. Because only if we can maintain peace in the face of the possible flood of climate refugees it will be possible to work together for climate protection in the future.

Inner peace, by which I mean peace within ourselves, is very important when it comes to getting to know one's own needs better. It gives us the strength to make changes in our own lives in order to achieve better climate protection.

I dedicate a large part of my time to the further development and hosting of klima27.com and will continue to do so in the future.

There are monthly costs for the operation and further development of this site. In order to secure the financing and maintenance of the website klima27.com, I am dependent on your Donations.

Please ensure with your donation that klima27.com can continue to exist and that contributions on the topic of climate protection can continue to be published in all languages of the world.

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