Hand in hand worldwide for a good climate

Every day one action.

We have to do something now! Everybody, Hand in hand worldwide.

Each mark, if you did something for our good climate, register please here, so that everyone can see, how many humans already went through. Thank you.

Exchange one lamp by an energy-saving lamp.

Rest one evening without any light electric.

1 time air-dry your hair.

One day don’t cook.

One day take very less wather for your shower.

One day do not heat or heat less.

Seal your doors and windows optimally.

Air out for heating element and heater pipes.

Shorten your curtains on approx.. 5 cm above the heating element.

Always switch the light off, if you leave the room.

Switch the light on only if you really need it.

Use when cooking the remainder warmth, by switching off the hotplate prematurely.