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The birch trees die near Sandweier near Baden-Baden, Germany

The problem exists in 2019 in many places in Germany

14.09.2019 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot
Last change: Isolde Moussot Date update: 14.09.2019 23:10

From the lake at Sandweier towards Sandweier at Baden-Baden the birches die or are at least in great need due to the lack of water. Also a weeping willow and some deciduous trees and shrubs in sandweier are affected.

Images of the trees you find in my facebooksite klima27.com .

I drove with the pictures earlier to the fire department in Baden-Baden. They assured me that they would inform the horticultural office.

The horticultural office has tank trucks and is already using them to water trees. Newly planted trees are particularly hard hit.

And the next problem is already just around the corner. Lakes that do not have their own springs suffer from a lack of oxygen. This puts the fish in danger. It's nice that the fire brigade of Baden-Baden is taking care of this. ♥️

The birch trees die not only here in Baden-Baden, but in many places in Germany. Please have a look on the further links.


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