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Nuclear power plants in Germany affected by sea level rise?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes

04.10.2019 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

If you look at both maps in the source data, you will quickly see that some nuclear power plants are very vulnerable to sea-level rise due to climate change. Even if the nuclear power plants have already been decommissioned, they still pose a threat.

I wonder whether, and in what form, a concept already exists to safeguard nuclear power stations in the event of flooding. Or is the question whether they can be secured at all open?

The second question concerns you as to whether there is already an emergency plan for such a scenario and what it exactly looks like.

I am also thinking about nuclear power plants like Fukushima, which are close to the sea and what happens if they are permanently flooded? Do we have several catastrophes at the same time as Fukushima because of the sea level rise?

In addition, there is the danger that weather extremes and flooding can pose for nuclear power plants in Germany, for example on the Rhine.

You can find out more about the consequences of climate change for Germany's coasts in the following article:

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