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India, Delhi is currently suffering from air pollution

which is 7 times higher than the limit rated there as harmless

07.11.2019 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

The inhalable lethal particles PM2.5 fine dust are 418 µg/m3. The WHO classifies 10 µg/m3 as harmless

PM2.5 (fine dust) are particles with an aerodynamic diameter of up to 2.5 µm; respirable, i.e. these particles can penetrate into the alveoli.

Among other things, fine dust is produced during the combustion of fossil fuels.

A limit value of 25 µg/m³ has been in force in the EU since 2015 and is to be reduced to 20 µg/m³ from 2020.

The operation of laser printers also releases fine dust, referred to here as toner dust.




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