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How worried are you? Do you really see yourself and your children in danger because of climate change?

10.01.2020 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

And in such a way that you see yourself forced to act immediately and directly to protect your life and the lives of your children? No, not so direct and immediate? Why actually not?

Why are so many people still not worried about the future of our earth?

I am currently reading Naomi Klein's new book entitled "Green Deal".

There is so much in one sentence that I just read that I put the book away and thought about it. Because I too have been thinking for more than 10 years about why so many people don't seem to be interested in the topic of climate protection at all. In fact, the opposite is true. As soon as you talk about it, you get the impression that most people don't care at all what happens to the earth in the future. Some people don't want to hear anything about it and even seem not to notice the already visible changes of climate change or don't want to notice it at all or still think it is all quite harmless. Because it is harmless, there is no need to act. At least not now and immediately.

And those who have understood the seriousness of the situation often feel powerless. What can I do? Whether I save CO2 or not, it changes almost nothing in the total volume of CO2.

But something is happening. There are more and more people who can't stand doing nothing and take to the streets with Fridays for Future. Thank you Greta Thunberg for founding this wonderful, now worldwide movement. Thanks to all the wonderful people who are part of it worldwide.

Now I read the following concise words from Naomi Klein about Greta Thunberg in the book Green Deal:

"In addition, the fact that other people in her life (classmates, parents, teachers) seemed to be relatively unaffected, was not a reassuring signal for her, as it is with other children whose social bonds are stronger."

That's the whole point.

Not only children, but also adults are not worried when other people and the media send out the signal that they are less affected by climate change. Everybody's going on as if everything is normal. They go about their work, drive their cars to work, go shopping, go to clubs, drive the children to school. Many fly on holiday and some even travel by plane on business. They buy what they want and save for the next holiday.

When I look out of the window, I see the busy 4-lane B500 of Baden-Baden, car to car and at rush hours sometimes a traffic jam.

At this very moment there are no visible changes in my surroundings. Everyone or just most of them continue to do most things as before and that again calms everyone else. On TV, on the internet and in the newspaper there are still advertisements for all kinds of products. Even vehicles with high consumption of fossil fuels and other climate-damaging products are still being advertised in all their advantages. On the Internet I see offers for the next flight, still much cheaper than travelling by climate-friendly train.

Almost nobody gets upset about it, everything continues to go its way. Everything still seems to be in order. So I can calm down. Everyone else, including leading politicians, doesn't seem to be worried about it. On the contrary, more new mega coal mines and coal-fired power plants are being built.

But I'm not the only one who is not worried, and neither are many other people who are already active in climate protection. Why is that so?

I think it is because I have read and learned a lot about climate change over more than 10 years. I have learned mich about the causes and possible consequences using all means at my disposal.

On the basis of this knowledge, wealth of experience and many conversations with other active climate protectors, and above all because of my innermost feelings, I amvery irritated that out there everything is going on as before, while people, animals and nature are dying because of global warming.

No I am not only irritated, I am deeply worried and often so sad that I have to cry. To go on as before is simply not possible, I can't be here anymore without doing anythingn at all!
But why doesn't everyone think and act like that?
The phenomenon that everyone is still doing as before seems to calm everyone else as well. Security is perceived and this is how it is acted. It is perceived that everything is still "normal" and because all the others are continuing as before, it seems to be right to do so. Those who are already acting now are still in the minority.
One perceives that there are people who are already very worried, and perhaps even are worried themselves, but one simply ignores this, at best still agrees that their actions are admirable, but does nothing.

After all, in our own environment we constantly receive the signal that everything is fine.

The Fridays for Future demonstrations have already made a big difference. It has been noticed that there are more and more people who are very concerned about climate change. So a lot has already been achieved.

Now it is important that the "New Normality", to act climate friendly from now on and not to continue as if everything is still fine for all people worldwide.

I wish that everyone is as concerned as I am and acts accordingly, looking for solutions and taking many small steps to protect the climate. Because if exactly this becomes the "New Normality", we can still manage, hand in hand, each for himself and together worldwide, to meet the 1.5 degree target.

There must be no more of this old nolamlity in the lives of politicians or in the lives of each and every one of us, because we are endangering the survival of all humanity, all animals and plants!

How do we create a "New Normality"?

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