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The major decision

we make on climate change for ourselves and for others wether we like it or not

12.01.2020 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot
Last change: Isolde Moussot Date update: 12.01.2020 20:49

We are facing a big decision, says Naomi Klein in her book Green New Deal: What kind of people do we want to be in the tough future that has already begun? Do we want to share what is left and take care of each other? Or

we want to hoard the leftovers, take care of ourselves and keep others out.

I have to put the book down again. Tears are in my eyes. What would I do? Would I hoard to survive or would I share with everyone else and rely on mutual help?

Honestly, the question is not so simple. If I tend to hoard, I myself am upset about what kind of person I am then. Again I have tears in my eyes. Am I capable of this? What does hoarding mean and only taking care of yourself? What kind of a mean, stubborn person am I then? I let others die when I could share and look for a solution together with others? Although with a common solution all could be saved or at least most of them? While I am in my home, in my country, and possibly still living in circumstances that elsewhere could be called luxurious living? Can I live with being such a person?

If I share everything I have and rely on mutual help and then have nothing myself and perhaps get nothing from the others because they have chosen the other option, I put my own survival in danger. That also feels very bad. At first I have the feeling that I am in a pretty tough dilemma.

But there is also something in between, I basically share with others and rely on mutual help and at the same time try to find a solution how we all can survive. Maybe I also listen a bit to what is absolutely necessary for survival and prepare myself physically and mentally for what might come. But when it comes to life and death, I will certainly share and rely on mutual help. That feels good.

What would you do? Is there a common solution?

Are we all capable of sharing and saving each other?

Climate change is not an unsolvable problem. We can still manage to stay below the 1.5 degree mark and ensure the survival of most people, most animals and nature if we share, and that doesn't just mean sharing food and sharing money. It is also mainly about technology transfer. If we all look for solutions together and if we all take action to implement the solutions found, we can make it. The chances of doing so are actually quite good, because the technologies we need to achieve this goal already exist.

There should be one premise: to reach something, you have to start. This is similar to starting up a company. If I just talk and do nothing, I will fail.

In our concrete reality, which is taking place right now, doing nothing by each of us means that we decide, each one of us individually and all together, that our earth will continue to be exploited, in a condition that can also be described as life-threateningly ill.

We decide to do nothing in the knowledge that we are endangering ourselves, all subsequent generations, all animals and nature.

Therefore a question: If I know that my mother is life-threatening ill, the very mother who makes sure that I can survive every day, do I then use her remaining life force and resources to an unbearable degree in order to use even the last bit of life force as profitably as possible?

And this in the knowledge that when my mother dies, not only I, but also my whole family, my friends, most of the people on earth, most of the animals and also nature dies? To do nothing is also a decision and a very cruel one at that!

If I start and do something every day to advance my company or my life, my health, my country, the whole earth, I can achieve something.

If I also get involved, while I have already started to look for better and better solutions, the chances for a good start are already better.

If I am willing to be inspired by others in all my undertakings and share my ideas with others, I can succeed and the chances of success increase even more.

In the same way this can work on a large scale for a village, a city, a country, a continent and worldwide.

If every person on earth starts to do something to stop climate change, every person where they are and with the skills they have at their disposal, we can do it.

Let us begin. This is the most important thing. If we keep talking and doing nothing to stop climate change, we will all fail. Even and especially the people who have chosen to engage in hoarding.

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