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Pig farming in Germany

15.06.2020 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

It is unbearable to see how pigs and especially sows are treated in Germany. A long overdue decision on improving husbandry is again postponed.

The mother pigs must continue to suffer in the most unbearable way.

And even the "improvements" described here lack any appreciation for the pigs.

Quote: from the article: "The animals should at least be able to stretch out their legs when lying down without getting in the way of another sow or bumping into bars, according to the judges."

Imagine if they said the same thing about the minimum space requirement for a human being.

Pigs are also sentient beings. They suffer the same way humans do when they have to live such miserable lives.

Industrial meat production should not exist in this form. Animals must be recognized as the feeling wonderful beings of this earth and deserve to be appreciated.

Much animal suffering could be saved if less meat is eaten. This is also a necessary step to protect the climate and thus the survival of mankind.

There are wonderful and also very tasty alternatives. Just look for tasty recepies, try them out and be pleasantly surprised.

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