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Germany is an export country of pork. How does that work?

24.06.2020 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

Employees with very poor wages and very poor working conditions made possible by employment via subcontractors. Import of cheap animal feed at the expense of the rainforest and

of the indigenous peoples, who also have to pay with their lives here and there.

  • Import of meat, which can be processed "cheaply" in Germany.
  • Slaughterhouses in other European countries have to close down because they cannot compete with German slaughterhouses or are not allowed or willing to do so under such conditions.
  • Industrial meat production, which lacks any ethics and causes unimaginable animal suffering.
  • Exports to Africa are destroying production there and jobs are being lost there too.
  • On top of that, there is also immense animal suffering caused by animal transports.
  • The nitrate contamination of the soil in Germany is increasing alarmingly. The soils can no longer cope with the amount of liquid manure produced in factory farming and
  • neither does our groundwater.
  • The CO2 pollution caused by meat production is enormous. On top of that, there are the emissions for domestic and export. Then there are the domestic transport costs for animal transport, manure transport and transport of the end products.

The bill is paid by

  • Animals with unimaginable animal suffering,
  • employees in companies with very poor working conditions and very poor wages,
  • nature,
  • the indigenous peoples in the rainforests,
  • the insects and other animals poisoned by pesticides
  • the now no longer competitive smaller farms in agriculture and meat processing
  • People who will have to live with global warming, the 6th mass extinction and nitrate contaminated soils and groundwater in the coming years.
How can German politicians watch such practices for years?

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