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We did it. The climate and the earth are slowly returning to balance. #klima27

I write to you from the year 2027

31.07.2020 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot
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We have reduced CO2 emissions to such an extent that now even more CO2 is absorbed than is emitted. So the climate can gradually recover. It will take years before the climate is completely back in balance, but it is now moving steadily in the right direction.

Fridays for Future and many other climate activists around the world have not let up and continued to demonstrate and put pressure on the need for immediate action for the climate.

Heat waves, forest fires, floods, storms, landslides and the thawing of the permafrost soils and polar caps have become more and more extreme and threatening, much earlier than scientists had expected. Already in 2020 it could be seen that the weather is becoming more and more extreme.

All people, even the last denier of the climate crisis, as well as politicians, have understood that immediate action is essential for continued survival on earth.

Even during the corona virus crisis it proved to be very successful to listen to science. Science is now also being consulted again and again on the climate crisis and is being included in political decisions affecting the climate.

The coronavirus crisis with the lockdowns that followed again and again has led to people having time to think about what they are doing all the time. Not only the coronavirus crisis itself was a topic of this time but also the climate was increasingly thought about. More and more good ideas for saving the climate were developed and implemented.

In addition, the idea of a climate citizens council, similar to the one in France in 2020, has become accepted at all levels worldwide. Citizens are now involved not only through votes, but also directly in political decisions concerning the climate.

All over the world, people have committed themselves to a structural change that will make a life in harmony with the earth and nature possible again. Every human being, where he is and where he works with all possibilities and abilities was ready to work for it, because everybody has understood that it is about the survival of all of us and the survival of our entire culture. The alternative was clear to all, a ** continuing like before ** would have led into a hot time, in which all our achievements our time would have been lost and if at all only a few would have survived.

Highways around the world are now covered with solar panels. Small wind turbines also convert the wind from the cars around the road into energy. In this way they supply the electricity for the innovative electric cars, which are designed to have a very long service life. And should they ever prove irreparable, most parts of the cars can be reused in new vehicles or other equipment.

Batteries can be recharged at solar filling stations and also directly while driving on the highway. In addition, a uniform standard for rechargeable batteries has become established. Now you can not only recharge batteries at solar filling stations, you can now also replace batteries in a few seconds at a changing station, similar to changing batteries in flashlights. For this purpose, battery flatrates and battery fuel cards were introduced which are valid worldwide.

Small electric cars for 1 or 2 persons and a luggage compartment for shopping are now available for rent at every corner in the country and in the city. There are charging points at every corner, the electricity for this comes from the roofs of buildings, solar parks and wind turbines, which are now everywhere in many shapes and sizes. These small, practical electric cars are so cheap that anyone can buy or rent them without having to save money for long.

Every car and many other devices and machines are equipped with solar cells.

All vehicles, devices and machines are now built according to the modular system. You can even build a new one from one device yourself. This is fun and offers completely new undreamt-of possibilities and branches of industry.

We have managed to establish a circular economy. There are no more landfills and no more garbage. Everything is constructed in such a way that it can be used again or flows back into the cycle through rotting. We use renewable raw materials and exclusively renewable energies. We have learned a lot directly from nature. The indigenous peoples have made a decisive contribution to this with their immense wealth of knowledge about nature and plants, passed on from generation to generation.

Detergents, shampoo and shower gel, for example, are now all environmentally friendly, biodegradable and sold in tablet form. Plastic packaging is thus no longer necessary. Everyone has wonderfully designed packages for them at home. When they are empty, a new tablet is dissolved in water and everything is refilled. This also eliminates transport costs. Such a tablet weighs only a few grams.

Every house on earth is now equipped with solar cells and/or small wind power plants and a new technology for hot water and heating from renewable energies. We have managed to convert the energy of the warm and also cold ambient air into energy and thus opened up completely new energy sources.

Coal, oil and gas now remain completely in the ground. It is prohibited worldwide and outlawed to extract and process it.

There is an unconditional basic income all over the world. Nobody has to live in poverty anymore. We have managed to provide social justice worldwide and everyone benefits from it. A large part of the work is done by machines and computers. So everyone can dedicate his or her skills and preferences to the area that is close to his or her heart and corresponds to his or her abilities.

There is a new culture of sharing. So everyone needs less money and has more time for family and friends. Like the earth, people have regained their inner balance. An inner peace has arrived and the love in people, the love of people among themselves, for nature, animals, plants and the earth has swung to ever new heights.
Already the children in kindergarten and later in school learn in all lessons how important it is to live in harmony with nature, plants, animals, other people and the earth itself.

There is no more factory farming, no more factory slaughterhouses. We feed ourselves vegan or vegetarian as far as possible. A wave of new delicious dishes has convinced even the last meat eater that it is healthier and above all much more delicious to eat vegan or vegetarian.

The health system has made real leaps forward in its development. Many medicines and operations are no longer available because they are no longer needed. Instead, we now have the resources for free medical care for all and can even prevent diseases in advance with preventive medicine.

Western, Eastern and indigenous medicine are now taught in the same way at universities around the world and have led to a quantum jump in medicine. Above all, measures have now been established which prevent a person from becoming ill in the first place.

Even jobs and food production have adapted accordingly.

Pesticides no longer exist. Food production is now regional and according to the rules of permaculture.

In a global campaign, we have transformed areas that were previously needed for agriculture, livestock breeding and industrial plants into new forests and wildflower meadows. Through the recycling economy and the extensive renunciation of meat consumption, an enormous area has been freed up for this purpose. Many people have been personally involved in the project. Since less work has to be done and everyone has a basic income independent of their job, this is also possible.

Worldwide there are education systems that allow all people to have free access to education. This is also supported by an immense pool of webinars on the Internet.

We have also got the population growth of the people under control. Worldwide there are information campaigns on contraception and free contraceptives that are freely available to everyone. Many families only want one or two children and raise them with love and care. There are playgroups and daycare centres everywhere. Parents are no longer dependent on caring for many offspring in order to be secure in old age or in case of illness. Through the unconditional basic income and now everywhere affordable rents, food and clothing, the old age provision is also secured.

The economy and financial world is no longer based on the previously so much praised idea of growth.

The insight that exactly this striving for more and more growth has put our earth, the entire human race, animal kingdom and entire ecosystems in a dangerous life-threatening state has become accepted worldwide. Solutions and new ways have been sought worldwide. Old ways of thinking, which led us exactly into this climate crisis, have been thrown overboard and made room for something completely new.

The new mantra is called Preserve, Preserve, Repair and sometimes even Shrink Healthily, coupled with global social justice for all.

Branches of the economy that have become too large, environmentally harmful or now no longer necessary have said goodbye and made room for new innovative branches of the economy, all of which have the circular economy and harmony with the earth and nature as their supreme law.

Wars no longer exist. The desire for worldwide peace and justice has finally become reality.

Because renewable resources are used worldwide, wars for land and resources have lost their meaning.

We humans have connected worldwide, borders in our minds and ideas have been overcome. We have learned to learn and work with and from each other and have been able to achieve quantum jumps in medicine, global social justice and quality of life.

We respect, love and appreciate every human being, every animal and every plant on earth.

We listen with giraffe ears and always consider benevolently what made the other person to speak before we answer. We speak out what we feel in ourselves through what the other person has said, instead of bombarding the other person with reproaches. The principle of non-violent communication, which the children are already learning at school, has helped us in this.

Peace and love have found their way into the world.


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