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Blockade of RWE in Essen

Climate activists block RWE

16.10.2020 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot
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In the link you will find a very well documented live report of the action. Furthermore, this report explains very clearly what Extinction Rebellion is and why the activists are active. There are many interviews with participants of the action.

RWE is a large energy company and is responsible for a large share of the current CO2 emissions in Germany. Electricity in Germany is still largely generated by burning coal.

In order to get the coal needed to do this out of the earth, villages are still being destroyed, homeowners in the villages are expropriated and driven out of their homes.

The Garzweiler coal mine is heavily criticised for this. A Citizens' Movement All Villages Remain has developed to protest against the destruction of the villages.

A study has shown that a phase-out of coal-fired power generation within 14 years could be an ambitious and at the same time realistic energy scenario.

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