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Is the earth alive? Can it be? Is it a living organism? Is the whole universe alive?

31.10.2020 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

Perhaps everything I  am telling you now is a fairy tale. Once upon a time there was an earth that became ill.

It has hot blood (lava) inside like us. When it bleeds, a crust forms which closes the wound again. For us humans, a crust forms to close the wound.

When viruses and harmful bacteria take over our bodies, we become ill and get fever. The fever makes our body fight back and sometimes we get chills.

The earth is also sick. And the virus for the earth could be the many people who have forgotten to appreciate our living earth and everything that lives and grows on it and to treat it with gratitude and respect.

The earth is already feverish and instead of helping it and taking care of putting out the fires, there are some people who are setting additional fires and making it even hotter. More CO2 is constantly being produced instead of reducing it. In the end we are harming ourselves and contributing to our own destruction. When will everyone finally realise this? Is it not logical?

How can we stand by and watch the fever get hotter and hotter and continue to live as if everything was still fine?

The earth sometimes gets chills like we do. Then the earth shakes and many people panic.

Some people also have a limitless growth in their bodies. It is called cancer. It grows uncontrolled in a limited body, which sooner or later leads to collapse or even death.

Constant growth, which is also desired by the economy, can be compared to a cancer in our body. If growth is not limited, it damages the earth and everything that lives on and in it.

What does our body do when it is attacked by viruses and bacteria? It defends itself with our immune system.

Maybe the earth is now also defending itself against us humans with new viruses when we threaten its life.

Maybe we should all start to help the earth instead of arguing about whether the virus exists or not.

Because one thing should be clear to everyone. Nobody on earth is currently harming the earth more than mankind. Even though it provides us with food every day.

It might be possible to stop the fever of the earth, if everybody starts to remember to whom we owe our food, the fresh clear water. Our living earth holds it ready for us. Without living earth nothing would grow on the earth. We should be careful with it, value and respect it and refrain from poisoning it with pesticides and rubbish.

Excessive consumption and greed should be a thing of the past. If we all take care to consume only as much as the earth can cope with, or even better, less, we can make it.

Everyone should join in now, everyone where they are and live and work, and at the same time, everyone together.

It is about our children, our children's children, all animals and plants and the earth itself.

We all bear the responsibility for the future. We will all suffer from the consequences of our failures.

We should unite worldwide to take the helm. We still have a chance, let us use it, together, worldwide.

Hand in hand for a good climate.
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