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Marmara Sea off the Turkish coast irreversibly damaged

14.09.2021 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

Marine slime has "irreversibly" damaged the ecosystem of the Sea of Marmara. 60 per cent of the creatures in this ecosystem have disappeared.

The revenge for the marine slime is the algal bloom, caused by a human-induced imbalance in the marine ecosystem.

Increased inputs of nitrogen and phosphorus and the global warming of the oceans promote algal growth to such an extent that the algae proliferate exponentially.

Responsible for this is, among other things, the input from agriculture, via slurry and fertilisers, which enter the waters and ultimately the sea, and the discharge of untreated sewage.

The slime has now sunk to the seabed and is decomposing there. In the process, oxygen is removed from the water, which in turn causes the formation of even more marine slime.






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