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Betting differently would be nice

30.09.2021 Author: Isolde Moussot Original language: de Translator: Isolde Moussot

.A paradigm shift in television programmes could also be made visible. It is still often about who is the best, the fastest, the richest or who can show off some other special achievement or skill.

But we all know now where this leads, the more, further, richer ...

Less is more!

And achieving a common goal together worldwide has become more important than ever for all of us.

It would be great to have a TV show where we look for solutions or show how we can live with less and look together for things that really make us happy and do not harm ourselves or others.

Maybe there will be a bet that we can live happily without always striving for more, higher and further.

Or even a completely new idea for a television programme.

Programmes where there is even a literal hunter in a TV quiz are particularly crass. One could almost call it a symptom of a society in which burnout and insomnia are becoming a widespread disease because of the striving for more and more without pause and without holding one's breath, faster and faster, further and further. And then there is a hunter who takes everything to the extreme.

We are reaching our personal limits and, with the increasing scarcity of raw materials, the extinction of species and climate change, we are also reaching the limits of our planet's capacity.

We are getting sick, and so are the animals, the plants

and also the soils and the earth itself.

It should be about how a balance can be restored or maintained, and preferably in a team and not in a race, and if possible without hunters.

Betting in a different way. would be nice

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